Mail Forwarding

Mail Forwarding plans are simple. They are designed to act as a courtesy for our clients who need occasional mail delivery at our address.


Mail Scan Program (“SCN”)

Up to 18 pieces mail processed per year:                         $50.00/yr.!


–              Truly designed for the business person who will only receive occasional mail and not need anything physical sent to them. Mail will be scanned upon receipt and sent as a PDF file to the email address(es) you designate at the time you sign up for the service. Our fastest & most convenient mail program at our best value! Auto-renew service is available for no added fee- just ask to enroll so you never miss an important mail.


Basic Mail Forwarding (“FWD”)

Up to 12 pieces mail forwarding per year:                         $124.00/yr. delivered!


–              A traditional mail forwarding program. Mail received on behalf of your company will be repackaged and sent on a monthly basis to the address of your choice via regular 1st class mail.


Mail Scan & Forward (“MSF”) – You can upgrade at any time!

Up to 24 pieces mail scanned & 12 pieces forwarded per year:               $149.00/yr.!


–              The perfect combination! A hybrid program that will allow the subscriber to receive important information immediately via scan, and also via regular mail. Designed to consider those important qualifying items your business may receive via regular 1st class mail, such as a bank card or boat registration decal. As with our other programs, mail addressed to your company is scanned upon receipt and sent to you in PDF format to your email address of record. The original mail is then forwarded to you via regular 1st class mail in accordance with the basic mail forwarding plan as described above.


If you exceed your mail forwarding quota of 12 pieces within a 1-year period of time, you simply renew early in order to avoid interruptions in receipt of your mail. We will notify you when you are close to meeting your quota to allow you to make the necessary arrangements to renew. Also- we also offer auto-renew programs to ensure you never miss anything important!




Automated Voicemail/Fax Service (“AVF”): $20.75/m2m or $199.00/yr.


You will be assigned a 302 phone/fax number. When callers dial your number, it behaves just like a standard fax machine or voice mailbox. Once a fax or voice message is received at the service center, it is converted to a digital computer file and sent to you email inbox as an email attachment. Your voice mail messages will be forwarded to the email address you used to set up your account.


Default Call Settings: When a caller dials your phone number, they will hear a generic pre-recorded message that will prompt you to enter the extension that the caller would like to reach, or hold on the line to be transferred. After a brief pause, they will receive a message that the caller they are trying to reach is unavailable, and to leave a message for a call back.


Option #1 – Forward calls immediately to phone # you designate.


Have all calls to your number immediately forwarded to any mobile, office, or home phone and take a message if you can’t answer.



Option #2 – Send callers directly to voicemail.


Skip the auto attendant and call forwarding features and immediately play a greeting that prompts the caller to leave a message.


* Record custom voicemail greeting or use the generic one.


Option #3 – Use an auto attendant with extensions.


Set up a basic call tree with an automated greeting, extensions that forward calls to you live, and takes voicemail if you don’t answer.


* Record custom auto-attendant greeting: To record your Auto Attendant Greeting, provide me with a number and we will coordinate with you to have your service call you to make the recording over the phone.

* Forward calls through any extension to phone #:

* Record custom voicemail greeting: To record your Auto Attendant Greeting, provide me with a number and we will coordinate with you to have your service call you to make the recording over the phone.


The telephone number for the Automated Voicemail/Fax Service is Delaware (302) by Default. Other area codes throughout the United States, and even the European Union, are available upon request. Please contact us for a list of available area codes. Mail forwarding & BPD program address is available in Delaware only.


* M2M service requires enrollment in auto-payment plan via debit or credit card.



Establishing a Business Presence


Designed as an affordable alternative to renting, leasing or buying commercial property in Delaware for multiple reasons, the Business Presence Package (“BPD”) bridges the virtual and business offices by allowing your company the use of our address as a business address.



Business Presence package for Delaware (“BPD”): $499.00/yr.


BPD includes the following services:


–              a Delaware mailing address (up to 24 pieces of mail scanned & 12 pieces of mail forwarded per year)

–              a Delaware business address (option to list our office as a place of business for your company)

–              a Delaware phone/fax number (automated phone/fax phone number with a Delaware area code)


Automatic renewal service included!


* Please note that if you choose to procure a Delaware State Business License to use in conjunction with this service, the license must be mailed to and posted at our address as required by Delaware State Law. Please alert us in advance if you plan to procure a business license independently, and have it sent to our address. We also provide a service to assist with this, per the below.


Business License Procurement (“BLP”): just $75.00/yr. + State license fee ($75.00 min., but will be pro-rated through 12/31) (requires your own office address or BPD program)


Agents of Delaware will obtain a Delaware Business License from the Delaware Division of Revenue for your company. The license will be posted conspicuously at our location as required by State Law. Within 3 business days of receipt of your completed application form and payment, we will obtain a temporary business license. The original license will be mailed to our address approximately one month after the application is received by the State. Other license requirements are the customer’s responsibility, though I am happy to work with you on an individual basis to meet your specific needs in this area.


Please note:


* Obtaining a business license issuance will trigger filing requirements with both the State and the IRS for income tax and/or gross receipts tax filings.

* An Employer Identification Number from the IRS is required to obtain a Business License. We can assist you with this process if you request for a fee.

* Income tax preparation, and tax advice are not provided by Agents of Delaware, Inc. If you require accounting or legal services, we would be happy to refer you to a local CPA or attorney- just let us know!



Additionally note:


* None of the above services gives a subscribing company physical property rights to 257 Old Churchmans Rd.



Affordable, physical office space of your own! *

Delaware Office Rental (“OR”): @ $99.00/month on up


* This is a service that is offered through on our network partners for physical space that meets regulatory requirements for such needs and is suitable for site visits and occasional meeting. It is not as expensive as most commercial space, as it is not suitable for regular full time use by the business that are leasing space at this building. Please contact us for more details and a referral so that you can discuss your business with the landlord and determine if there is suitable space to meet your needs.