What is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is a legal requirement in the state where you incorporate your business. In Delaware, the Delaware Registered Agent is the intermediary between your company and Delaware’s Division of Corporations. The Delaware Legislature wrote this requirement into the Delaware Corporate Law so that the State of Delaware has a physical address (not a post office box) in Delaware where your company can be reached, through the Delaware Registered Agent, during normal business hours. The Delaware Registered Agent accepts documents from the State of Delaware such as service of process, annual report notifications, void notices, franchise tax reports, and late notices.

The Delaware Registered Agent is required to:

  • be present at a registered office in Delaware during normal business hours to accept service of process and other legal notices;
  • accept communications from the State of Delaware directed to the business for which it serves as the Delaware Registered Agent, and forward to the business to which the service or communication is directed;
  • maintain a record of the name, address, and phone number of the designated contact person for the Delaware Corporation or LLC.

Our Registered Agent Service Plans

We offer the industry’s most flexible Delaware Registered Agent Service. Inspired by clients like you, who have needs as unique as the businesses you run:

Annual Delaware Registered Agent Service Plan: $99.00/yr.

  • Renewable on a yearly basis through our Annual Delaware Registered Agent Service Plan.
  • Fees are due on the anniversary month of the formation date of the Delaware Corporation, and we bill you one month in advance.
  • The first year’s Delaware Registered Agent fee is paid when the Delaware Corporation or LLC is formed.

Month to Month Delaware Registered Agent Service Plan: only $9.99/mo.

  • Initial payment of $18.98, (1st and last month’s fee) is paid at the time your Delaware Corporation or LLC is formed, then only $9.99/mo. via our auto-subscription service!
  • Your credit card is billed automatically on the 1st business day of each month.
  • Cancel or change your Delaware Registered Agent Service plan at any time.

What to Expect from Us

As your Delaware Registered Agent, our office is open during normal business hours to satisfy the requirements of the state. The following items are repackaged, re-stamped, and forwarded on to you at no expense as part of our registered agent service:

  • Correspondence from the Delaware Secretary of State.
  • Legal Service of Process. In the event process is served upon your business at our office, we email a copy of the service to you within 24 hours and mail you the original.

If you require special services, we arrange to send you a copy via registered mail, certified mail, or any other courier service, for the requisite fees.

We provide a local referral resource in Delaware. Should you need a local attorney, accountant or another service provider in Delaware, call us for a referral. We believe you should know as much as possible about how Delaware corporations are formed and what is required to maintain your corporation in good standing. We direct you to the information that you need to help prevent penetration beyond the corporate veil. Remember, a sound corporate structure is the best defense for your personal assets.

Change Your Delaware Registered Agent

We want you to try our service. In fact- we pay you to do it!* We research your company and see what the total cost is to switch- and then pay the $50 State of Delaware filing fee for you!

* Offer available only on Annual Registered Agent service. M2M subscription plan does not receive the $50 credit for filing the change of agent certificate.

The prices we quote are for companies in good standing with the Delaware Division of Corporations. If your Delaware corporation or LLC is no longer in good standing, you need to pay the outstanding balance owed to the Delaware Division of Corporations before they allow a change of registered agent to be filed. We check the status of your Delaware corporation or LLC with our online connection to the Delaware Division of Corporation’s database. Contact us if that is a concern, and we will check on your behalf.

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