There are only few days remaining to file your Delaware Annual Report & Franchise Tax with the State!

But we’ve got you covered…


Failing to file a fully completed report and remit the proper payment on or before MARCH 1, 2020 will result in penalty and/or interest charges from the State of Delaware.

Additionally, it will prevent your entity from obtaining a certificate of good standing and will ultimately result in the State revoking your charter.

What is the 2019 Delaware Franchise Tax fee for Corporations?

That all depends on which of the methods for calculating Delaware Franchise tax you use.

  • The minimum franchise tax for corporations using the Authorized Shares Method remains $175,
  • The minimum franchise tax for corporations using the Assumed Par Value Capital Method is $400.

How can I renew my Delaware Corporation?

First of all, electronic filing of the Annual Report and Franchise Tax is mandatory for corporations in Delaware. But you have choices.

First, you may file and pay directly online with the State, and obtain Live Support at the Delaware Corporations website.

Alternatively, we are happy to assist you with electronically filing your annual report and/or paying your franchise tax for a service fee.

But you’re almost out of time!

Please contact us ASAP to talk with us about your specific situation, and learn how we can assist you with renewing your Delaware Corporation by the deadline!